Take the Journey: Paths to peace and wholeness

Moving On Part 1

December 30, 2020 Cheryl Marion Season 1 Episode 3
Take the Journey: Paths to peace and wholeness
Moving On Part 1
Show Notes

New Year new us and that means we must move on from some places, things, and people. The thing is...moving on is easier said than done.  So these next few episodes will discuss how can we successfully move on. It takes time but it's possible and I want to provide some words of support to help you get there. 

First things first, moving on means that we must identify thought patterns that possibly prohibit us from going forward. So I have included a "Thought Pattern" cheat sheet so that you can review and identify which one or ones you identify with along with a scripture to further support your ability to not allow certain thought patterns from holding you back from walking into your amazing future.

Click here for "Thought Pattern" cheat sheet! Enjoy the journey!

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